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Body Piercing & Modification Artist

Joey PriXx offers upper & lower lip, philtrum, nasolabial fold, tongue & cheek piercings, along with oral frenulum piercing.
* I no longer offer any form of horizontal tongue piercing ("scoop" or "snake eyes") due to the very high risk of gum recession & tooth chipping associated with long term wear of these piercings. There are safer alternative piercings to pick from. These piercings should not be done.
All oral piercing procedures start at
$50 and include internally threaded Surgical Steel jewelry (Titanium is always available as an upgrade!) with an endless amount of Swarovski crystal, synthetic Opal, & other custom tops! 
All piercings include my
PriXxcription Saline aftercare to ensure your piercings are being well taken care of! 
For oral piercings you may also decide to purchase an alcohol free mouthwash as part of your aftercare. I recommend
Listerine Zero or Biotene rinses. I will go over aftercare with you during your procedure!