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PriXxcription Saline Solution

In your PriXxcription Saline Kit given to you, you’ve received several remeasured bags of Mediterranean or Kosher Sea Salt.

🚫DO NOT play with or touch your new piercing or let anyone else. Touching it without washing your hands first puts you at a higher risk for infection.

🚫NEVER twist the jewelry. Only slide it back & forth when it’s comfortable to do so while cleaning. (this may take up to a couple weeks)

🚫NEVER use rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Witch Hazel, Bactine, etc. These harsh products will kill ALL bacteria leading to irritation or possible infection. 

🚫NEVER use Neosporin, Bacitracin, or any other ointments as this puts a very thick layer over the piercing not allowing it to breathe or drain properly which will also lead to irritation or possible infection.

The ONLY thing that should be used to clean your new piercing is your provided PriXxcription Saline Solution!

For External Piercings:

1. Mix Your Saline Solution

Add 1 pre-measured bag (1/2 tsp of Mediterranean or Kosher Sea Salt) to a 16oz bottle of purified or distilled water. Shake well and store at room temperature. Doing this you will have the perfect Saline solution. Saline is the ONLY thing you ever want to use on the piercing as it kills all the bacteria that needs to be killed, but allows all the good bacteria to live inside the wound, healing your new piercing quickly and properly.

2. Topical Cleaning (2-4 Times per day for 1st 6 weeks)

Twice daily, dip a cotton swab or gauze pad in your premixed PriXxcription Saline solution and gently cleanse the pierced area. Be sure to clean around the entry and exit points of the piercing and apply directly onto the jewelry post. When it’s comfortable to move the jewelry, slide it in to allow the Saline to be absorbed through the wound. 

Do this once in the morning and once at night before bed. It's also a good idea to clean after physical activities or after any accidental touches or bumps.

3. Hot Compress (3-7 times per week for first 6 weeks or as necessary. After 6 weeks, continue as necessary)

To do a hot compress on your piercing, pour your PriXxcription Saline solution into a small cup or shot glass, filling it about 1/4 to 1/2 of the way. Place it in the microwave for 5-10 seconds (microwave times may vary) allowing the Saline solution to get as hot as your body can handle (NOT a burning hot!). There are two methods recommended to successfully do a hot compress. These are listed below.

When doing the hot compress, the heated solution will open up the wound, cycle through & flush the healing fluids out of the piercing channel. If you do not do this, you will be at a higher risk of experiencing complications with your piercing, which will generally be seen as a fluid build up or ”piercing pimple." This is when the fluids build up and cause a bubble to develop on the entry and/or exit points of the piercing.

The hot compress should be done 2 to 4 times a week during the first 6 weeks, and as necessary during the remainder of the healing process. Anytime there is swelling, be sure to hot compress. When there is swelling, there is fluid rushing to the area. If you do not hot compress while there is swelling, the fluids will continue to build up and ultimately lead to the unwanted "piercing pimple" developing. If you ever catch the piercing, bump it, snag it, etc, hot compress soon after the trauma to prevent unwanted complications. 

Be sure to never hot compress more than once a day unless otherwise directed by Joey PriXx. 

Overcleaning may lead to irritation & delayed heal times.

Hot Compress Method 1 (Perfect for Navels, Nipples, etc)    

When you remove the cup from the microwave, lean forward and hold directly up to and surrounding the entire pierced area. Lay back and let the Saline soak and cycle through the piercing for 5-10 minutes. 

Hot Compress Method 2 (Perfect for Ears, Nostrils, etc that is difficult with the first method)

When you remove the cup from the microwave, absorb the heated saline solution with a gauze pad or fresh paper towel. Be sure when you absorb the solution, it is dripping from the pad to ensure it’s going to do work properly. 

Hold directly onto the piercing (being sure to cover entry and exit points) and let it soak for 5-10 minutes.

Changing Your Jewelry

The long initial jewelry is custom sized by Joey PriXx specifically for you & your anatomy. It is necessary for the initial swelling and drainage. It should not be switched out for a minimum of six weeks unless directed by Joey PriXx.

Keeping the jewelry long can ultimately lead to an array of complications & with certain piercings, trigger rejection. For oral piercings, keeping the initial jewelry in for too long will put you at a higher risk for tooth chipping & gum recession.

If the jewelry becomes long or an uncomfortable size after the swelling comes down (usually 6-12 weeks later), it's important to come in & have the jewelry properly downsized to a more comfortable, custom fit by Joey PriXx.

It is NOT recommended to switch your jewelry on your own during the healing process as you can easily damage the fragile healing tissue & take you steps back in the healing process.

When you feel you're ready to switch your jewelry, it is recommended to come to Squids Ink for a follow up and have Joey PriXx look at your healing piercing and judge whether or not it's ready to be changed. There is NO one size fits all for any piercing so being custom sized is necessary for the best fit & proper healing.

When it is ready, we can pick which jewelry style is best for you and custom size an implant-grade quality piece of jewelry and pick from an endless amount of possibilities! 

We offer completely customizable build-your-own body jewelry and if we don't have exactly what you are looking for, we can custom order it for you!

As a reminder, when you return for appointments at Squids Ink please be sure to bring your government issued ID. For minors, we require the birth certificate & Photo IDs with parent or legal guardian present each time as nothing is kept on file.

Follow ups & consultations are free of charge, but set up fees & jewelry charges may apply.

Downsize prices on jewelry for my clients are discounted to ensure your piercings are properly fitted.

Oral Piercing Basic Rules

ANYTIME you eat, drink anything other than water, or smoke anything, rinse with an ALCOHOL-FREE mouth wash for 30-60 seconds (I recommend Listerine Zero or Biotene rinses)
No sharing drinks, eating utensils, or bodily fluids. THIS IS AN OPEN WOUND AND DISEASES CAN BE EASILY TRANSFERRED! 
When eating with your new oral piercing, stick to soft, easy to chew foods, taking small bites to avoid biting down on the jewelry on the inside of your mouth.
Do not play with the jewelry as this will cause irritation, discomfort, extended swelling, and possible unsightly scar tissue build ups.

🚫🍺 Avoid beer for 2 weeks, may cause oral yeast infection

🚫🍸 Avoid alcoholic beverages for first 24-48 hours

🚫🚬 Avoid smoking for 24 hours or if possible, entire heal time

🚫💋 Avoid kissing/oral sex for 2 weeks

Microdermal Piercing Aftercare

A Microdermal anchor should be bandaged for the first 3 days & 7 nights. This is to ensure the anchor not be bumped out of place during that initial anchoring period.

If in the rare occurrence you bump the piercing out, call Squids Ink to book a time with Joey PriXx to put it back into place as soon as possible.

Hot compresses are always the "go-to" for any accidental bump which might result in swelling.

Anytime there is swelling, there is a fluid build up inside the piercing. It is crucial at this point to hot compress and flush the fluids out. Not doing so can lead to rejection.

If you ever catch your microdermal on something and you feel slight pain or see any blood, the pocket the anchor is sitting in could have broken. When this happens you want to hot compress to flush any fluids out and tightly bandage the anchor flat down. Doing this will repair your dermal in place and prevent rejection. This should be done throughout the life of your Microdermal piercing(s) as rejection can occur even years later.

Microdermal rejection:

You know a Microdermal is rejecting when you see it surfacing at an angle. This means it will rise away from your skin and tilt outward. When this happens come to Squids Ink and talk to Joey PriXx, he will be able to reset or remove the piercing. Removal is easy with Joey PriXx and his minimal scarring techniques. The piercing can be redone at a later time at a discounted rate with this sheet being shown at time of removal.